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Profit 100 Companies — 1995

In 1995, the Institute for Enterprise Education conducted a study of Canada’s fastest growing enterprises as identified by Profit Magazine. In this study we discovered the role played by attitude, ahead of knowledge and skills, in determining the success of entrepreneurs. In the case of viewing their employees, these high growth entrepreneurs selected attitude ahead of knowledge and skills in over eighty percent of the cases. Not that knowledge and skills were not important, rather they were a given. What is interesting to note is that motivation was selected in more than fifty percent of the cases as the key determinant for employee selection. Motivation as an intrinsic quality is critical for both entrepreneurial and individual success.

The findings of this study strengthened our resolve to develop innovative programs and strategies that focused on helping individuals to devote a great deal of their energies towards discovering their distinct talents, meaning and purpose so that they could define their mission in life.

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