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The Niagara Cottage Wine Study
— 1994

This study conducted over a one year period, identified the factors of success for an emerging industry that grew on the edge of a highly traditional one. The findings of this study include:

  1. Transformational change comes from the edges of existing structures. (If you want to change the current culture of an organization, you cannot do it effectively in the time framed needed to take advantage of emerging opportunities. People are ‘locked-in’ to their existing realities and nothing short of a crisis can induce them to make the needed shift). The key is not changing people, its about aligning their distinct talents with the organizational purpose.
  2. People create what has not been created before and discover new sources of opportunity by exploring in an enterprising, imaginative and interdependent manner.
  3. Taking risks in creating a new enterprise enables people to take initiatives in determining a future vision that liberates their individual capabilities and talents.

This research became a foundation for Gene’s innovative models and practices in the fields of entrepreneurial growth and leadership development.

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